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Emily Mjolsness

Hello, my name is Emily Mjolsness I am 15 years old right now. I live in Sointula, BC, Cananda, Sointula is a small island in Malcolm Island, North Island, North Island Secondary School (NISS) in Port McNeill BC This September of 2018, I will be traveling to Portugal to do an overseas for 6 1/2 months. I will be doing half of my grade 11 year in Portugal when I'm 16 years old. 

I will be staying with a family host, and attending school. The program that is incharge of this semester trip is called American Field Service (AFS). I've been planning this trip for over 1 year now. I am looking forward to meeting   new people with different cultures and learning a new language (in this case I will be learning portuguese),  and trying new foods.Also to be able to see things at a new perspective. I really enjoy ancient history and Portugal has lots that I can learn about and see.

This trip is something I'm looking very forward to. I have been working very hard with fundraising, and have had lots of help from my family, friends, and community. I am now half way to my goal . So I am posting this to ask if anyone is willing to please donate to me so I am able to successfully embrack on my journey.

Thank you 


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