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Jade Lun

Hi, My name is Jade. I live in London, Ontario and I am going to Japan for a semester program in 2018- 2019.
I joined this program because I love Japan and it's culture since I was little. When I saw this opportunity, I asked my parents as soon as possible. Since my parents are always busy, I have never been to Japan. I would love to try the cultural activities and I wish I can practice my Japanese there and experience a different lifestyle. Japanese culture and Anime meant a lot to me because they are the things that kept me going when I was bullied for 3 years. I hope can make new friends during this exchange, share the culture and have fun during this experience. 

There is a mandatory fundraising amount of 5,500. I really hope that I will get some donations, so my parents don't have to work harder and perhaps will have time to spend with me. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated! Donations over $20 are tax deductible.

Thank you so much for reading this and donate- this means a lot to me and your support will be really helpful to me!

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