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Jan Gonzales

Hi, my name is Jan Gonzales.

I am currently in Grade 11. For one semester I am going as an exchange student to Japan. 

The reason for my interest in going to Japan is to experience Japanese culture. Since I was a child my parents have been hosting students who have come from Japan. Ever since then It has been a dream of mine to go on an exchange. The idea of exchange since I was young has been implanted in my heart. The exchange students we had, surrounded me with all sorts of Japanese souvenirs, snacks, and various cultural items. Every time we got a new Japanese student I found out more about their culture and through that I’ve become even more passionate about it.

I never thought It was possible for me to go to exchange until one of our host students encouraged me to. I was so inspired and elated by what she had said that I decided to do research on a whole plethora of exchange programs. The organization I have decided to go with is AFS. AFS is an intercultural nonprofit organization offering students the ability to go on an exchange. This exchange program allows me to learn about Japan’s unique culture and language, as well as develop personal skills and growth.

A part of my exchange program is to raise funds. Fundraising is a part of the cost required for my exchange. AFS requires me to fundraise an amount of money that will be put into the bursaries and scholarships for people who are in financial need for their exchange program. The duration of the exchange program is from August 2019 to February 2020. The goal is $ 4500. Please help me by donating! Any amount is welcome! If you donate $20 and above, you will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you and blessings to you and your family. 

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